Kay’s Country Kitchen Menu November 2020



  • Bacon and Avocado Omelette Full - A classic omelet with diced bacon, ripe avocado, cheddar, and Jack cheese. $15.95

  • BAGS Omelette Full - Bacon, Artichoke hearts, garlic and spinach are what makes this a Kay's classic! Topped with melted jack and cheddar cheese $15.95

  • Chile Verde Omelette Full - Slow roasted pork in home-made verde sauce topped with Jack cheese, and cheddar cheese. $15.95

  • Chorizo Omelette Full - Chorizo, onions and Ortega chilies sauteed into a light and fluffy omelet or scrambled with melted Jack cheese and cheddar cheese. Served with avocado, and sour cream on the side. $15.95

  • Fresca Omelette Full - Tomatoes, cilantro, onions and Ortega chilies sauteed into a lightly fluffy omelet with melted cheddar and Jack cheese. Topped with fresh pico de gallo and sliced avocado. $15.95

  • Chorizo Omelette Full - Chorizo, onions and Ortega chilies sauteed into a light and fluffy omelet or scrambled with melted Jack cheese and cheddar cheese. Served with avocado, and sour cream on the side. $15.95

  • Fresca Omelette Full - Tomatoes, cilantro, onions and Ortega chilies sauteed into a lightly fluffy omelet with melted cheddar and Jack cheese. Topped with fresh pico de gallo and sliced avocado. $15.95

  • Kay's Orcutt Original Full - Diced bacon, sausage, ham, tomatoes and red onions. Topped with Jack and cheddar cheese plus avocado. Served with sour cream on the side. $15.95

  • MSA Omelette Full - Mushroom, spinach and avocado topped with Jack cheese, and cheddar cheese. $15.95

  • Too Much to Drink Last Night Full - Diced chicken fried steak and bacon sauteed into an omelet topped with Jack and cheddar cheese, smothered with our sausage and bacon gravy. $15.95


  • Crab Cake Benny Full - Two grilled crab cakes and two poached eggs on a English muffin smothered in Hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast side. $17.95

  • Florentine Benedict Full - grilled English muffin with two pouched eggs, grilled sliced tomatoes, spinach and topped with our incredible dill hollandaise sauce. $13.95

  • Orcutt Hash Full - One of the signature dishes, diced ham, bacon and sausage combined with home-fried potatoes, melted Jack and cheddar cheese then smothered with our bacon and sausage gravy. Served with two eggs on top cooked to your liking, and a toast on the side. $15.95

  • The California Hash Full - Hash browns mixed with bacon, tomatoes, ham, onions, sausage and cheese. Topped with two eggs, avocado and sour cream. $15.95 

  • Traditional Eggs Benedict Full - Thick sliced grilled ham, tri-tip, bacon, sausage or corned beef hash piled on a toasted English muffin with two poached eggs, and topped with our incredible dill Hollandaise sauce. $15.95



  • Bacon and Eggs Full - Kay's bacon is the best in the valley and keeps you coming back for more! Three slices of thick bacon and two eggs with the fixings. $14.95

  • Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs Full - Lightly breaded and fried crisp then smothered with our homemade bacon and sausage gravy 15.95

  • Corned Beef Hash and Eggs Full - Some of the best you will ever have. We served it up nice and crispy. $15.95

  • Ham and Eggs Full - Start your morning right with an old fashioned cut of ham steak and eggs. $16.95

  • Linguica and Eggs Full - Locally made this Portuguese style sausage is very rich in smoked flavor! $15.95

  • Pork Chop and Eggs Full - Two bone in pork chops lightly breaded and grilled. Served with two eggs, potatoes and toast. $15.95

  • Sausage and Eggs Full - Two juicy pork sausage patties hot off the grill. Served with two eggs. $14.95

  • Tri-Tip and Eggs Full - A local favorite. This cut of beef is charbroiled to perfection and served with our very own famous homemade salsa $16.95

  • Turkey Sausage & Eggs Full - Four turkey sausage links hot off the grill served with two eggs. $14.95 

  • Juan's Breakfast Buritto - Diced red potatoes, bacon, sausage or chorizo; cheese and scrambled eggs wrapped in a big flour tortilla and served with our homemade salsa $13.95



  • Brioche French Toast - Bread grilled golden brown and served with warm syrup. $11.95

  • Combo Sandwich - Choose from , Belgian waffle, french toast or a short stack of pancakes. Your choice of bacon, sausage served with two eggs cooked to your liking. All served separate. $14.95

  • The Monte Cristo Sandwich - Thinly sliced ham and Swiss cheese served between two slices of our thick cut brioche bread grilled and dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a side. $15.95

  • Chicken & Waffles - Golden Belgian waffle served with panko breaded chicken tenders real butter and warm syrup on the side. $15.95



  • California Chicken Salad Full - Grilled succulent chicken breast on romaine lettuce with bacon, diced tomatoes, jack and cheddar cheese and avocado served with your choice of dressing on the side $16.95

  • Chicken Feta Cheese Salad Full - Grilled chicken breast on top of spinach greens , toasted almonds and crumbled feta cheese with blueberries and strawberries to finish off the central coast's salad $15.95

  • Cobby Man Salad Full - Tri-tip, chicken and bacon on spinach greens, avocado, diced tomatoes, olives, and cheddar cheese, Served with our home-made bbq, and ranch dressing. $16.95



  • BLTA - Kay’s famous thick sliced bacon with fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and sliced avocado served on your choice of bread. 14.95

  • Country Club - This triple decker is layered with thick sliced bacon, smoked ham, sliced turkey breast, avocado, lettuce. tomatoes and your choice of bread. $16.95

  • Kay's Famous Tuna Sandwich - A generous portion of albacore tuna salad topped with lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and sliced avocado on your choice of bread. $14.95 

  • Super Turkey - Smoked turkey breast piled high thick sliced bacon, avocado, and melted cheddar cheese served on grilled croissant roll. $14.95

  • Old Town Orcutt Burger - Beef patty topped with melted cheddar cheese, thick sliced bacon, avocado and homemade BBQ sauce. Served on a grilled croissant roll. $15.95



  • Chocolate Chip Pancake - One large pancake baked on the grill with melted chocolate chips. $9.95

  • Donald Ducks - One egg, hash browns and one slice of toast $8.95

  • Ducks with Meat - One egg, one slice of bacon , hash browns and one slice of toast. $10.95 

  • Kids' French Toast - One slice of buttery rich egg bread grilled brown and served with warm syrup - $8.95 

  • Kids' French Toast with Meat - One slice of buttery rich egg bread grilled golden and one slice of bacon or sausage patty $10.95 

  • Kids' Grilled Cheese - Classic grilled cheese with a small portion of fries $9.50

  • Kids' PBJ - Just like mom makes served with fries $9.50

  • Mickey Pancake - One pancake with those ears! Served with warm syrup and butter on the side. $8.95 

  • Mickey Pancake with Meat - One golden pancake with those famous ears , one slice of bacon. Served with warm syrup and butter on the side $10.95

  • Kids' Chicken Strips - Panko breaded chicken tender served with fries $10.50



  • Create Your Own Mimosa - Choose any of the following juices to mix with your champagne to create the ultimate mimosa experience with your breakfast or lunch! Flavor it - $11 Orange • Apple • Grape • Grapefruit

  • Blue Moon Beer Mosa - Classic, delicious Blue Moon Beer along with our incredible fresh squeezed orange juice. Unbelievable!
    Large 16oz - $9 / 32oz - $13

  • Beer - Blue Moon • Corona • Naughty Oak

  • Red - HOT - Corona - Special seasoned rimmed glass, ice cold Corona, some of our tomato juice and a lemon garnish. Served with your choice of hot sauce. Salt and pepper as you like. Large 16oz - $9 / 32oz - $13

  • Strawberry Lemonade Sunrise - Sugar rimmed glass filled with champagne, lemonade & strawberry puree - $12

  • Pepsi Beverages

  • Strawberry Lemonade Peach or Raspberry Iced Tea

  •  Arnold Palmer

  • OJ & Fruit Juices

  • Coffee

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Hot Herbal Teas


  • Side Avocado $3.95 

  • Side Bacon $5.95

  • Side Fries $3.99

  • Side Gravy $4.50

  • Side Home Fries $4.25

  • Side Hash Browns $4.25

  • Side Muffin $3.00

  • Side Ranch $0.75

  • Side Sausage $6.95

  • Side Toast $3.50

  • Potato Salad $3.95