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I grew up in the Orcutt area and raised my family here. I worked at this very restaurant as a young waitress for many years. I love my job so much that I used to joke and say, "they wouldn't even have to pay me to come work here!"

After about eight years as an employee, the owner offered to sell the Country Kitchen to me, and from there on, it became Kay's Country Kitchen. It was very small at the time and was literally run by the cook and myself. We would rotate dishwashing duties and on weekends my daughters would come in and help. As time went on, Kay's became more and more popular. We had the opportunity to expand and took a chance at restoring the building to its original 1904 luster. With a lot of hard work from all of my family this restaurant has flourished.  The best part of Kay's Country Kitchen is the people who walk through the doors.

This community has truly enriched my life and help me raise a family. I am very thankful and grateful for all the love and support from my hometown.


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